Are you planning to move to Christchurch? Here is everything to know!

As the second-largest and oldest city in New Zealand, Christchurch has long been a favourite of both tourists and locals. It is situated in a broad harbour bordered to the east and west by the rolling Canterbury plains and the Pacific Ocean, which is why it is known as the entrance to the South Island. Watersports, marine life, and wineries are right outside your door in this region, and the Southern Alps during winter activities are only a two-hour drive away.

Before moving, you should know a few things about Christchurch; here is a gist.

Living in Christchurch

Christchurch, located in the Pacific Ring of Fire, a region prone to regular earthquakes, was shaken by a strong earthquake in February 2011 that mostly destroyed the city’s core. Nonetheless, Christchurch’s quick action in rebuilding and improving its inner core is a remarkable example of triumph over adversity.

A coordinated plan for the reconstruction guarantees that the city emerges as a more substantial, greener, and happier environment than ever before. New stores, businesses, and leisure projects are constantly popping up. Visitors and newcomers moving to Christchurch are welcomed with open arms. Since most of its citizens are of European descent, British expats, in particular, quickly feel at home.


Several hospitals in the Canterbury Region offer crucial services to their people. Christchurch Hospital is one of the most popular ones among its residents.

Property details

When you arrive in Christchurch, you will discover various housing options, whether you want to rent or buy. More individuals choose to live outside the city centre for cost-effective reasons. The property availability in and around the city is limitless.

Cost of living

Due to its small population and heavy reliance on imports, New Zealand has little purchasing power on the global market.

However, Christchurch continues to have a low cost of living compared to its domestic equivalents. A three-course lunch for two at a mid-range restaurant costs about $100, essential utilities run about $140 per month, and movie tickets are typically $16.

Despite the housing challenges, rental prices are also lower, with a one-bedroom apartment in the city centre costing an average of $1,350 and a three-bedroom equivalent costing $2,200. In comparison, prices for apartments farther from the centre are closer to $1000 and $1,900, respectively.


About 145 schools serve thousands of students in Christchurch and the surrounding area. Many of Christchurch’s schools adhere to the tradition of English public schools, which enjoy an exceptional reputation globally. These traditional colleges, with names like St. Bede’s College, Christ’s College, and St. Thomas of Canterbury College, provide a high-quality private education for over $14,000 a year.

Moving cost

When selecting what to do with your possessions, you must think carefully before moving to Christchurch and beginning a new life. Because shipping costs are determined by volume rather than weight, you should ship your products by sea to get the best shipping pricing if you intend to move your entire home with you. You can use a professional relocating service to rejoin your essential belongings rapidly.

A relocation service provider will help in saving both time and money. You will have to worry less about packing and shifting with a professional.


Given that Christchurch derives much of its beauty from its breathtaking natural surroundings, it is understandable why, despite recent challenges, it is still a sought-after destination for tourists and long-term inhabitants. Contact a relocation service provider for a seamless experience.