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Are Land-Based Casinos Still Booming?

Are Land-Based Casinos Still Booming

Not many people know that Italy was the first country of brick-and-mortar casinos in the 17th century. The Ridotto, unfortunately not operating today, was the first known land-based casino opened in Venice in 1638. However, that doesn’t mean that gambling was foreign to people around the globe until four centuries ago.

On the contrary, since ancient civilizations, gambling has been present in people’s everyday lives, especially with the Greeks and Romans. Interestingly, some historians claim that gambling goes way back to the era before Christ, to the Paleolithic period, 3000 BC, when the first six-sided dice has its roots.

These days, gambling has taken over the world, and there are hundreds of countries across the globe where gambling is legal. With today’s innovative technology, land-based casinos have taken a back seat. However, there are still some cities where brick-and-mortar casinos are going strong compared to the increasing use of online casinos such as Casigo.

Take a look at the three top land-based locations for gambling. We will exclude Las Vegas and Monte Carlo from this list for obvious reasons.

Atlantic City

If not taking into account the legendary Las Vegas, Atlantic City is the most prominent gambling spot in the United States. Located in New Jersey , on America’s East Coast, Atlantic City is one of the most popular gambling locations in the world and a place where land-based casinos are still thriving.

The early 20th century was the beginning of an uphill climb for Atlantic City, and the city became a gambling mecca in the 1970s. Gambling was officially legalized in Atlantic City in 1976, and since then, it has become the ultimate East Coast location for gambling. The perfect combination of city beaches, exquisite hotels, and boardwalks helped build this city one of the most respectable gambling locations globally.


Macau is regarded as the gambling capital of the world and Monte Carlo of the East. Gambling has been legal in Macau since the 1850s, and it’s considered to be the most developed gambling resort in the world. If you’re looking for a unique place where land-based gambling activities are treated with respect, you should look no further.

Although Macau returned to Chinese rule in 1999, you shouldn’t worry that Chinese laws and regulations apply to Macau. On the contrary, Macau operates under its own laws, meaning that gambling is legal in this Asian country.

Currently, Macau is the highest-grossing gambling capital in the world, attracting thousands of players daily. Interestingly, VIP and high-roller rooms represent the most visited gambling spaces in Macau, attracting about 70% of the overall revenue.


It’s not surprising that the British people like to indulge in casino games and gambling activities, but you might find it curious that most Brits prefer to visit land-based casinos instead of online gambling. In the same manner, British gamblers are quite fond of horse racing, and the UK is home to two of the most renowned horse racing events.

Furthermore, world-class poker tournaments are held in London in the Ritz Club and Hippodrome casinos. The land-based casino scene in London is still booming, and there are no indications that the interest in brick-and-mortar gambling will decrease.

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