An aqua park in Sunny Beach (Nessebar)


In Sunny Beach of Bulgaria there is an amazing and wonderful entertainment for adults and children – a water park “Aqua Paradise”. “Why is it so unusual?” – you may ask, because almost any resort has its own water entertainments.

“Aqua Paradise” – a huge modern complex consisting of various water slides, attractions, places for rest of people of different ages. Every visitor is sure to find in it something special and unique.

The water park is a greatest water project not only in Bulgaria, but in all Balkan Peninsula. After a recent expansion in 2009, its area is about 46 000 m². Are you still not impressed?

What kind of entertainment offers a water park in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria?

The number of attractions, which are located in the water park, exceeds 40. Here you can ride on spectacular water slides, which total length is about 1500 m. For the little ones there is also entertainment. Children will be delighted with a fairytale castle with small slides, located in the island, with a show of puppets and interesting children’s corner. In addition, in the water park are working experienced animators, who will not let you get bored.

If during your holiday you will want to eat something – for tourists are provided 6 different establishments – from Water Bar to Bar Orientale with its intoxicating luxury of the East. And adults and children will not be able to resist going to the House of ice cream.

And wonderful massage, expertly made in a cozy pavilion, will help to relax and to feel truly in paradise.

And someone will love an unusual, but increasingly becoming popular Fish pedicure (pedicure using fish).

A pleasant bonus for tourists is the opportunity to save 20% of the cost of the ticket for re-visiting the water park. It’s enough to buy a new ticket, showing your old ticket in return. The obtained coupon can be used on any day before closing the season. It is undoubtedly turns out beneficial for those, who plan to plunge into an unforgettable experience once again.

Since the water park in Nessebar – a popular place of a rest among tourists, near some attractions may be small queues. This small minus with a vengeance is compensated by a huge selection of various entertainments.

Near the park there are several good hotels. If you come from another resort and want to enjoy the wonders of Sunny Beach or you are attracted by vibrant night life of the resort (the best discos of Bulgaria are located exactly in Sunny Beach), we recommend you to think about accommodation in advance – a taxi at night will cost several times more expensive, than a room in a hotel. Many tourists, including us, use convenient services for searching of inexpensive, but quality hotels. You can convinced of it personally by reviewing prices for accommodation directly on our website:

“Aqua Paradise” is created for a comfortable rest of even the most demanding tourists. In the water park you will get not only a good mood, but also bright, strong emotions, which will accompany you for a long time.

Rules for visitors of the water park in Nessebar

To ensure maximum security of tourists and recline all possible doubts of holidaymakers, a water park is equipped by the most modern constructions. Here operates a medical center and rescue workers, whose instructions must be unquestioningly followed.

Also, there are several generally accepted rules to reduce the risk to a minimum:

  • If you suffer from cardiovascular diseases, overweight or doubt in your power – refrain from attractions;
  • Pregnant women are not recommended to visit this kind of water entertainments;
  • Children up to 12 years are admitted to the park only with adults;
  • Children with growth less than 1.30 m can have fun only at certain attractions with adults;
  • Climbing up the water slides is strictly prohibited.

For total security, to the park are not allowed to bring: weapons, piercing-cutting items, glass items, food and drinks.

When a bad weather, some attractions may be closed to the public. In this case the cost of paid tickets is not returned.

If you are interested in fuller information about the rules of visiting of the water park in Sunny Beach, we recommend you to open a link of the official website of “Aqua Paradise”.

Operating hours and the price of visiting of “Aqua Paradise”

The water park in Nessebar starts its work in the end of May, to be precise – from the 25th of May and continues it until the middle of September (13th of September). The ticket price depends on the growth of the visitor and visiting time. If you want to spend all day at water park attractions, the ticket price for an adult will cost 38 levs, and for children (growth from 0.9 m to 1.3 m) and seniors (age 60+) – 19 levs. If the growth of a child does not exceed 0.9 m, the entry for him will be free.

For tourists, who prefer to experience the joys of the water park from 15:00 to 18:30 the ticket price will be 28 levs for an adult and14 levs for a child.

Every day, from 10:00 to 18:30, “Aqua Paradise” gives a lot of positive emotions to its visitors, drawing smiles on faces and emitting positive around. You can also plunge into this wonderful water world.

A small remark: is not worth to stay in the water park until closing. Attractions are opened until 18:00 and the remaining time is allocated in order to tourists could gather their things.

Where is the water park located and how to get there?

Often in small flyers, which are given to tourists in order to attract more customers to the water park, is said that it is located in Nessebar. This is not entirely true, because “Aqua Paradise” is located literally on the outskirts of the resort complex of Sunny Beach in the direction of Golden Sands.

From some of the neighboring resorts you can get to the water park by free shuttle bus:

  • from Elenite at 10:00 and 14:00, and back – at 18:00;
  • from Sveti Vlas, Sunny Beach, Nessebar and Ravda from 10:00 and every 15 minutes until 15:30;

From go paid buses at 9:30; 10:30; 13:50 and back at 18:00.

Many tourists in Bulgaria take a car to rent. Therefore, specially for them the water park is equipped with a parking for 150 places.


Since the administration of the water park is not responsible for your things, left unattended or stolen from its territory, if they were not placed in the paid safe (5 levs per day) or an individual locker (3 levs per day), we strongly recommend you do not bring with you valuable things.

Be sure to take towels with you. They are not included in the ticket price, but you can buy them in the park.

If you want to buy something on memory, you can view your most vivid photos, taken by experienced photographers, and to buy them. In a photo studio, located close to the entrance, you will find not only your photos, but also a movie about your stay in “Aqua Paradise”.

For a wonderful holiday is not necessarily to spend a lot of money, to fly to the tropical islands or to dream about distant foreign countries. Just visit the water park “Aqua Paradise” in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria. You will receive a charge of a positive for the whole next year!

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