A soft blanket throw and the best date ever


You’re a guy, you’re currently single and you’re sitting in your living room all to yourself. You’re just really wondering how girls think and work, and you would love to ask that one girl out on a date. But you feel like you’re not good enough, not her type, and your apartment feels messy and like a place, she just wouldn’t enjoy seeing. It’s a “guy’s” place, with no elements of luxury or anything of that sort in there. It is simple, and sometimes you feel like it’s plain and with no soul.

So, what do you do to help with that if you’re inviting your girl over for the first time, finally? How do you make sure she will enjoy her evening and want to come back another time?

Mood and setup

This is the most important thing. It might not seem like this to you, but most girls care about this, and you are trying to impress them right now. So set the mood for your date, but also stay true to yourself. Do you feel like candlelight and soft music are way too cheesy, or just something you don’t do on the very first date? That’s alright – then don’t go for it. You have to feel comfortable, too, not only your girl. Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. Make it nice for her, but still be yourself along the process.

So, music is a good choice after all, but do pick songs that both fit the mood and your taste. Music is a great conversation starter, too, so don’t worry about being awkward at first.

A theme

Don’t hesitate to give your date its special theme if you feel like it. That could be as simple as Italian – and then building music, food, drinks and maybe some games or other activities around it. You could also give your date a theme like “picnic” and then push your table aside and eat on the floor in front of your fireplace, enjoying a dinner that she will never forget. In this case, you should make sure she doesn’t have to sit on the cold floor, so give her something to sit on. A blanket will do just fine, or if you want it to be extra cozy you can go for a soft blanket throw, like a faux fur throw.

Not only will she feel comfortable and great, but she will be impressed that you even have stuff like that in your apartment. You should always have a few extra blankets and pillows in your home, just in case.

At the end of the day, a date can be very nerve-wracking and that is okay. It is most important that you’re being yourself and not faking anything. The picnic is a foolproof way to stay in someone’s mind, but if you feel like it’d make you uncomfortable, then you should go for something completely different.

Either way, you got this.


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