A guide to visiting the Black Sea

The Black Sea region is distinguished from the rest of Turkey by its misty and verdant highlands, streams cascading freely down dark canyons, folklore, and ethnic customs and traditions. This is Turkey’s most reticent region, which keeps its mysteries and secrets to itself; however, once discovered, the area’s stimulating environment draws visitors back again and again.

Where Should You Stay Along the Black Sea?

Turkey hotel

When you say where you will stay during the Black Sea tour, dozens of options will appear. There are various options for lodging, including city hotels, highland hotels, boutique hotels, hostels, chalets, villas, resorts, bungalows, and rental houses.

Hotels with five stars, a swimming pool, and a spa are available among the Black Sea hotels, which are typically inexpensive. Black Sea tour companies will arrange your stay in the region’s finest hotels. However, if you are considering a Black Sea tour of the plateau, we will recommend hotels first.

What Should I Wear for my Black Sea Tour?

Casual wear

What is worn while backpacking on the Black Sea tour is one of the most frequently asked questions. This issue is crucial for those who will be visiting the Black Sea for the very first time. Due to the Black Sea’s wet climate, every contingency must be planned for. Those who visit in the winter should bring warm clothing for snowy regions. Those who visit the Black Sea in the spring, which is a rainy season, should bring their raincoats. In the summer, it is prudent to prepare for torrential downpours.

Evenings by the Black Sea, which does not have a particularly cold climate, are cool. Footwear that is more casual is recommended, particularly for walking, as this helps keep travelers healthy while exploring.

Highest-Rated Black Sea Tourist Attractions

1. Sumela Monastery

Sumela Monastery

Sumela Monastery, located in the remote depths of Altindere National Park, is the most spectacular site in the Black Sea region. Sumela, also known as the Black Virgin Monastery, is located 55 kilometers (34 miles) southeast of Trabzon. It is a seven-story building perched dramatically on a ledge between heaven and earth, midway up a sheer cliff face above raging waters.

2. Amasra


Amasra is located 91 kilometers (56 miles) north of Safranbolu, a historic town with Hellenistic foundations and surviving Byzantine walls. The town’s magnificent Genoese fortress from the 14th century serves as a reminder that it was once a commercial and trading powerhouse.

3. Safranbolu


Safranbolu, which is on Unesco’s list of World Heritage Sites, is a must-see because it contains 800 of the finest 19th-century Ottoman houses, or konaks, in Turkey. As suggested by its name, Safranbolu is also renowned for its saffron. The old market district, or Arasta, is home to quaint ethnic shops and cultural attractions. The Kazdagli Mosque, which dates back to 1780 and serves as the town’s focal point, features a beautiful mosque and ablution fountain (Kazdagli Camii).

4. Uzungol, Trabzon

Uzungol, Trabzon

The Eastern Black Sea tour itinerary includes a long lake. With its dense jungle and picturesque lake, Uzungol attracts both domestic and international visitors. Around the lake are hotels, inns, and restaurants serving regional cuisine.

In Uzungol, which is captivated by its magnificent nature, breakfast has a distinct flavor against the backdrop of the landscape. You would have no idea how things were here. Eastern Black Sea destinations should be at the top of your list.

5. Ayder Plateau, Rize

Ayder Plateau, Rize

When you think of Rize, the first thing that comes to mind is Ayder Yaylas. Ayder Yaylas, located at the start of the Eastern Black Sea tour itinerary, will welcome you with its verdant flora and tranquil atmosphere. You must stop at the Ayder Plateau to take in the fresh air of the mountains and join the horon. Ayder Plateau, which has an elevation of 1350 meters, hosts festivals and celebrations during the summer months. Domestic and international tourists are delighted. You must be present.

6. Karagol, Artvin

Karagol, Artvin

Tours of the Eastern Black Sea are available in Karagol, which is on the route of Artvin. Karagol is surrounded by forests and has a postcard-worthy view. In Karagol, you can walk with your partner and observe the stars.

7. Zilkale, Rize

Zilkale, Rize

Without a visit to Zilkale, the Eastern Black Sea travel guide is incomplete. Zil Kale is situated 15 kilometers south of the district center of amlhemşin and 750 meters above sea level. Unknown to whom it was constructed, Zil Castle is made of local rubble stone and is situated on the highest point of an irregular rock formation. Learn about this historical heritage in Rize, where Eastern Black Sea tours take you.

8. Hagia Sophia Museum, Trabzon

Boztepe, Trabzon

You will be fascinated by the Hagia Sophia Museum, which was once a church and now serves as a museum. The frescoes depicting biblical scenes, Jesus, the angels, the apostles, Jesus’ birth, baptism, crucifixion, and descriptions of the end of the world, will capture your attention.

9. Boztepe, Trabzon

Boztepe, _Trabzon

It is a settlement that overlooks the city and is considered Trabzon’s Amlca hill. Additionally, it is notable for its tea garden. With its magnificent view, Boztepe is one of Trabzon’s must-see locations.

10. Vercenik, Rize

Vercenik, Rize

The Vercenik Mountain, which reaches a height of 3,711 meters, is the most significant example of Rize’s natural beauty. It is the second tallest mountain in the region, after Kackar Mountain. This mountain is accessible on Eastern Black Sea tours.

Foods to eat around the Black Sea

Turkish food

Like the nature, music, and people of the Black Sea, the cuisine is also distinctive. The nature of Black Sea cuisine is determined by the region’s physical and climatic characteristics.

1. Kaygana

It resembles an omelet and can be prepared with sour cream, anchovies, vegetables, and greens. This delicious food, which can be preferred for both breakfast and main courses, is also suitable for children.

2. Laz pastry

This famous dessert from the Black Sea is made by layering a light custard between layers of pastry. As a dessert that cannot be rejected at any time of day, Laz pastry is adored by tea and coffee.

3. Hinkali

Cheese, potatoes, or meat mince resembling a mantis. Despite the ravioli’s taste being reminiscent of yogurt, the flavor cannot be forgotten once consumed.

4. Haricot bean

National won-tons of dry beans, which have also been raised in other parts of the country to find the optimal flavor during the rainy climate of the Black Sea, along with rice and Tursi, make up one of Turkey’s most popular dishes.

5. Black Cabbage Soup

Blackened soup is one of the Black Sea’s most popular dishes. With the addition of karalahanaya, corn, and barbunya, this soup is a veritable vitamin store.