A Guide to Choosing a Dog-Friendly Hotel

It is not that difficult to find a dog-friendly hotel these days, regardless of where you live in the world. But it is still important for dog-owning travelers to make sure when preparing for a trip that the dog is going to be welcomed. This will avoid any unpleasant surprises when checking into a hotel.

It is unwise to assume that any hotel abroad or at home is not going to accept dogs. You may be surprised to discover that there are many hotels willing to host pets since many countries regard traveling with dogs as one of the common ways for people to travel. However, without obtaining permission or assurance from the hotel, don’t assume that your dog is going to be welcomed. You want to avoid traveling far from your home and you don’t have a place to stay and the night is closing in.

Hotel Chains

Hotel chains don’t always have a consistent blanket policy when it comes to pets. At the same time, chains have different accommodations and service levels responding to various local needs and trends and to different price points. Before you book, check on the website of a chain hotel to look for the “pets allowed” icon. If you find it, great. But if you can’t, make sure you make a call to ask. Pets are not always encouraged but in many cases, individual hotels, particularly during a recession, will often make a concession to ensure their rooms are filled.


Motels that are pet-friendly are also common in locations where families frequently vacation. Motels provide easier access out and in for a midnight walk, but it is advisable to exercise caution about an off-leash walk in areas where a highway is nearby. You should also be cautious about leaving your dog in your room where careless service personnel could allow your pet to accidentally escape.

Resident Hotels

Resident hotels often accommodate long-term stays for families or consultants “on the move” with pets. Most of these hotels have areas dedicated to walking pets. Even in the main urban hubs like Las Vegas, sites like the Marriott Residence Inn provide a haven that is slot machine-free with grassy lawns for guests traveling with their pets. Resident hotels also usually include kitchenettes and sitting-room areas that make relaxing with and feeding pets a lot easier.


Hotels that allow pets usually take different approaches to how they will accommodate your needs. There are many dog friendly hotel deals in the UK to choose from. Some will charge extra fees to accept your pet. You might be able to negotiate with the hotel if you do not need your pet to remain in the room alone or when your pet is crated or small. Some hotels will require that you hang a “pet in room tag” on your door. Some of the hotels even provide pet beds and bowls. Others provide pet menus for dining in-room. Some of the hotels provide pet massage, walking, and sitting services. Many of the hotels will also have rules associated with designated pet playing and walking areas. Other hotels will allow your pet to visit the dining patio or pool areas. Don’t be afraid to find out since customs often vary.

When you book your room in a hotel, or at the check-in, try and ask the clerk at the desk for a room on the ground floor, since riding in an elevator can be uncomfortable for your dog if they need a walk urgently. Also ask for a room that is close to one of the exit doors.

Some hotels will try to place pet-owning guests in rooms that need renovations or permit smoking. If you are not happy with this, since you know your dog will not damage the room or you don’t smoke, don’t be afraid to speak up. Why pay for a room that is undesirable when traveling with a well-trained and well-behaved pet?

If the hotel is unwilling to accept your dog, never leave him/her in your car overnight. This is highly traumatizing for a pet, and also lacking in accountability and security making this practice a very unreasonable solution.


by Jordan Lewis (Author)
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