A Few Hitchhiking Tips Everyone Should Know

For the last few decades, many things have changed in all possible aspects, so it’s not surprising certain activities look more weird than cool. Back in the day, hitchhiking was one of the most widespread ways to hit the road and travel around the country. It was especially relevant for young people since they lacked money and couldn’t afford other transportation means. However, one should say that some of them perceived it as a great advantage and a wonderful pastime, so they would hardly change such an experience for a standard bus ride, for example. On the other hand, today, people are not that passionate about hitchhiking for different reasons. Some are afraid to get into trouble since you never know who you can meet on the road. Others have got their cars and can afford to buy fuel and travel around the country whenever they want. Still others just don’t get this atmosphere and would rather stay home than get such an experience. Nevertheless, some young people reach out to the write my essay for me cheap service to clear up their schedule and go hitchhiking despite everything mentioned above. If you think about joining their ranks, you should learn some fundamentals of hitchhiking to get the best out of it.

1. Reach Out to People at Gas Stations

When it comes to hitchhiking, safety should become your top priority. Even though you may believe that terrible things may happen to anyone but you, it’s still better safe than sorry. It’s especially true for women since they are more likely to get into dangerous situations in such a case. Thus, if you decide to try your hand at hitchhiking, it’s worth approaching drivers at gas stations, especially those equipped with cameras. Choose people who look trustworthy, come up with a normal icebreaker, and ask for help. You can explain your situation, tell them about your plans, and if your routes coincide, you can offer to cover some gas expenses. The established connection increases the likelihood of getting into the next place on your route being safe and sound.

2. Choose a Spot Where a Car Can Easily Pull Aside

Sometimes it happens that a person or two decide to get a thrill and fill the collection of fascinating stories with a few new episodes. So, they grab a backpack with some key things and go on adventures. Make sure to choose a suitable spot. Even though a hand can stop a moving car, nobody will risk getting into an accident or break a few traffic rules to pick you up. So, it’s up to you to select a suitable spot with enough space for pulling aside. It’s better to investigate the area and define the most appropriate place before trying to stop a car and get your first hitchhiking experience. Think about others’ comfort, not less than about your desire to hit the road finally. Mutual respect is the key to success.

3. Go Outside the City

If you want to move further in a certain direction, it’s better to get out of the city center and try to find a car almost on the edge of it. Thus, your chances to succeed will be higher since most people drive within a certain radius inside the city, and only a few of them will move further and may decide to get a passenger. However, it’s important not to overdo it since the middle of a highway will not be the best option either. So, you should better focus on a spot where city streets turn into a highway.

4. Identify Your Desired Destination with a Sign

Many people lead long and tiring discussions on whether such a sign can be useful. You may agree or turn a blind eye to it, but let’s imagine a situation. Suppose you want to find a car a few kilometers before the road forks into several equally common directions. In this case, the chances will be higher to pick up the right car with a sign in your hands since a driver will understand right away whether you can become their travel buddy or not. Besides, a few people will stop to ask a stranger whether they need some help. Moreover, people are too busy with their stuff, so they hardly want to put another burden on themselves.

However, this tip has a drawback as well since some people may think that you want to hit the road and reach the desired destination in one single ride. So, they may not pick you up just because they can drive you only half of the way.

5. Dress Up Relevantly

If you want to get the best out of hitchhiking, you shouldn’t forget that your appearance (clothes, tidiness, smell) plays one of the crucial roles here and affects how long you will have to wait for a car. Thus, men should shave their faces and put on clean clothes. Nobody wants to pick up a person who looks and smells like a hobo. Talking about girls, they should better avoid too-short skirts, tops and other clothes that may look provocative. They shouldn’t forget about hygiene too. People decide to pick up a hitchhiker because they need company and don’t mind exchanging a few phrases. However, if your look leaves much to be desired, your chances of getting a normal travel buddy go dramatically down.