A beach on a spit near Pomorie


While traveling from Nessebar to Pomorie we came across a wild but clean beach on a spit. It was on ordinary spit along which we wanted to walk for a long time (we studied the map of Bulgarian cities and location of them at home, to make it easier to navigate the terrain). Its uniqueness lies on the fact that from one of us stretched Lake Pomorie, and on the other side behind rocks was the sea which lapped quietly. There were no cars, bicycles or even crowds of tourists, and therefore the place seemed like a heavenly spot among the riot of life.

Lake Pomorie is a big salty lagoon, that stretches over several kilometers along the seashore. It is famous for healing mud, located at the bottom of the sea, and rare nature.

Lake Pomorie and vicinity is considered a bird sanctuary, where more than 268 different species of birds live and thrive, including those listed in the Red Book (endangered list). On the banks of the lake there are many plants which are typical in this region. There are information stands that you can find around the lake which details interesting information for tourists about animal and plant life in and around the lagoon

Tourists come to Lake Pomorie to receive some kind of a free medical treatment — of course, the curative mud from the bottom of the lake. While people claim the mud to have healing powers, we do not advise you to try the mud for yourself and expect miraculous curative powers. It’s always best to consult with your doctor to know whether or not a “mud therapy” is right for you.

From both sides of the spit in Pomorie, you can see lots of nudist beaches. The visitors there are quite disciplined and do no interfere with anyone and the tourists pass by in silence. Holidaymakers smear their naked bodies with mud from head to toe and simply bask in the sun.

But the greatest treasure of this place is a long strip of sand beaches along the spit. If armed with everything you need (from drinking water to the camera) and go a little further from Aheloy or Pomorie, you will see not only an incomparable Bulgarian nature in all its beauty, but also will find your personal wild beach. We mean, you can have all the beach to yourself!

On weekdays, you can have a pretty good stay on a beach. From the side of the dam that separates the lake from the sea, you also will not be disturbed. After all, in order to get to the beach, you need to go down on rocks of impressive size. In some places it is rather dangerous.

On weekends the beach becomes more crowded, but even then vacationers are separated at significant distances from each other (at least 100 meters). Sometimes along the beach you can see tourists who look for more secluded place or go to the city. They do not disturb anyone and just pass by quickly.

On the spit there is a healing dark sand, whose color is almost black. Because of its close proximity to Lake Pomorie, you can also see cute small birds at the seashore (they look like seagulls). The beautiful blue sea is clean in this area. You can find algae and large seashells under your feet — you can even see a jellyfish, albeit rarely. You cannot find those things in more touristy beaches.

To swim and to sunbathe on the sand spit is an incomparable pleasure. Nobody sprinkles water on you, not trying to swamp you with sand or occupy a place under your sunshade. Here you can relax on your own. It feels like you are the owner of a small and private beach.

Travel tips

  • Going to the spit is the best during the morning where it is a little more windy. At the dam, which stretches along the sea, you can find lots of annoying small midges or mosquitoes. That is why it is best to go to the spit in the morning because the winds will help in blowing those bugs away from you, making the walk more pleasant.
  • Another important point is to choose a day for a walk. If you want to spend few hours in seclusion, then you will approach any weekday. Otherwise, you run the risk of of being caught by surprise.
  • Spending at the spit for long hours and swimming in the warm sea water make you to feel more hungry and thirsty. Bring drinking water and something to eat like sandwiches and fruits.
  • You will also need to bring some sunshades, a blanket, a towel and a camera.
  • If you are going for some walk along the dam and down to the sand spit, wear clothes that will protect you from the sun. Wear comfortable shoes as well to make walking less of a pain and to protect your feet from the rocks.
  • Travel light. Do not take too many things with you there. Choose only the essentials to bring with you when going to the spit.

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