A beach behind rocks (Nessebar)

Among all popular beaches of Nessebar this is the smallest and less known. Most of the tourists go for swimming and sunbathing to:

Only rarely tourists choose a small beach behind rocks, to which is not so easy to reach.

Where is located a small wild beach in Nessebar?

A beach behind rocks located in the new part of Nessebar, near the bridge that connects it to the Old Town. If you look at Old Nessebar, the beach is on the right side of the bridge, next to a large beach park

To reach to the beach behind rocks, you need to go down the concrete steps, what can be tiring for older people.

A wild beach behind rocks on the map of Nessebar

For your convenience, we have noted the beach on the map of Nessebar:

Brief description of the beach

  • The coating layer of the beach: quite clean sand;
  • The bottom: sandy;
  • The descent into the water: relatively steep, up to the neck you can go in 10 meters;
  • The temperature and the purity of water: the water is usually warm and clean. The beach can be crowded, there is a port nearby;
  • Infrastructure of the beach: there are no shops, cafes or a paid zone on the beach;
  • Food: only in Nessebar;
  • Free space at the beach: medium. It is quite crowded, but there is always a free space;
  • Dimensions of the beach: a very small, its depth is about 3-4 meters and length of 30-40 meters;

Advantages of the beach behind rocks in Nessebar

The beach is quite small and very cozy. It is located in a kind of mini-bay and high waves are rare here. Even when at the nearby South Beach waves are about 1.5 meters high and red flag is hanged by, here it is pretty quiet.

Near the beach behind rocks there is a big green park, where there is a fitness equipment, a gazebo and plenty of benches for rest.

The water is a bit warmer and cleaner, than at other beaches, and it is not very crowded here. But it is only, when there are no algae.

By the standards of Nessebar in this place the bottom is quite steep, you can quickly go into the water without walking a few minutes in shallow water.

There is no paid zone here – you can easily come with your sunshade and stay at water’s edge.

If you go into the water early in the morning and walk along the rocks to the south (towards Sand Dune) – you can see little crabs. But only in good weather when the sea is calm.

People at the wild beach of Nessebar seemed to us more sociable and frank. We got acquainted with no problems, got some valuable tips and asked to take pictures of us.

We can not explain, what is so good in this beach, but it catches with something. After all knowingly we often sunbathed here.

Disadvantages of the wild beach in Nessebar

To the beach you will have to go down the concrete stairs, then climb across the jumble of stones in couple of meters in width.

There is no infrastructure at the beach. All amenities, shops and food you should search in the city.

Waves bring to the shore a lot of algae – no one cleans or removes them afterwards. But it happens rarely.

Near the beach there are no rescuers or an ambulance car.

The descent into the water by the standards of Bulgaria is quite steep, children will like Sand Dune or the North Beach of Nessebar with its aquaparks and entertainment.

In spite of these shortcomings, we often visited precisely this beach during our holiday in Nessebar.

Photos of the wild beach behind rocks in the town of Nessebar

Not to be unfounded, we will add some photos of this place. Some of the photos were taken in calm weather, and some – at the beginning of a small storm.

The selection includes not only photos of the beach, but of the nearest park, panorama of Old Nessebar and the surrounding area.

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