9 Coolest gadgets to fit in your car

9 Coolest gadgets to fit in your car

Cars are a big part of our everyday life, whether it’s traveling to work or taking a road trip to some other city, we daily on our cars. This has driven the best companies to design some cool gadgets for your car so your driving experience can become increasingly comfortable, filled with entertainment, and also very secure. Following are some great gadgets which one must install in his/her car.

1. Mini fridge

Mini fridge is perfect if you are going on a long trip. It is small in size, but happens to be a very effective car gadget. It can store your snacks and drinks at the ideal temperature. It can store up to 6 cans of drinks, which makes it best for family picnics.

These fridges come with multiple power adapters, a USB or a cigarette lighter can easily power them up. Mini fridges can also be very easily moved from car to any other place, due to its versatility and lightweight design. Moreover, the companies make sure to make this gadget convenient to utilize and quiet, so you won’t be distracted by it on your journey .

2. Car dash cam

Car Dash Cams are famously considered among the coolest car accessories. It is basically a tiny digital camera that is mounted on the dashboard. It is highly recommended that every car should have a Dash Cam as it records the whole journey which a driver covers from the very start till the very end.

Though a car dash cam cannot physically protect you, it is still a very important product because it makes sure that you are safely commuting and its recorded footage can help you to find out who is at fault in case if any accident occurs. If you are someone who travels on the road for a considerable amount of time, you must own this gadget.

3. Tire pressure monitoring system

Every year, the news is filled with so many car accidents due to the usage of unsafe vehicles. This is where the tire pressure monitoring system comes in handy. The companies designed this gadget for increasing road safety by tire pressure optimization. Your road safety is most important. Companies can provide you with car warranty, but not your life, that is just for once.

Tire pressure monitoring system reports actual tire-pressure facts to the person who is driving the car, either through a pictogram display, a warning light showing low pressure, or a simple gauge, to avoid traffic accidents and meager fuel economy. This system seeks to increase the tire wear of those tires that have not been inflated enough, by giving an early warning of a dangerous condition of tires.

4. Magnetic phone car mount holder

Some people like to use their mobiles while driving the car. Though it is not safe, but it is comprehensible as phones not only entertain us while driving, but also help us navigate the right path. A magnetic phone car mount holder easily allows a person to securely hold your phone in place, where you can easily access it while driving.

5. GPS Tracker

This device easily syncs with a smartphone, making a person aware of where his/her car is all of the time. Normally, this device proves to be more beneficial for parents who want to stay updated about their children’s location. The GPS tracker is also very advantageous to locate your car if it has been stolen.

6. Car window glass breaker and seatbelt cutter

These devices assist a person from escaping his/her car in case of an emergency or if the car doors are stuck. By utilizing a car window glass breaker and seatbelt cutter, you can slash the seatbelt quickly and break the glass window and manage to escape from the car and save yourself.

7. Seat cushion

If your back doesn’t love your long car rides, then a seat cushion can act as a brilliant solution for this problem. The companies design the seat cushion in an ergonomic shape which helps in taking off the pressure from your spine. It saves your lower back from soreness which one might experience in a long journey.

The seat cushion also cradles the buttocks and evenly distributes your weight, which helps in maintaining healthy alignment of the spine. It is also very lightweight, so you can carry it with you for a comfortable journey, wherever you want to go. Finally, the cover of this cushion is also very durable and can be easily washed in the machine, making it very low-maintenance.

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