9 Best Websites for Backpackers



Traveling on a low budget while gaining a lot of great experiences and having fun along the way is what backpacking really is all about. For planning your backpacking trips there are a number of great web sites that can help you plan out your next adventure.

Here is a list of 9 best websites for all the backpackers out there:

1. Airwander.com

If you do not want to backpack anywhere near and planning to go on a long flight that will also require layover then you should make sure you make that count. Airwander is the best website that can help you find many flights with long layovers so you can also visit that city and spend some good time there before reaching the destination.

Airwander’s website algorithm makes sure that you find great trips and time them very well. And if you are a student and lots of assignments do not allow you time to travel, you can always buy an assignment online.

2. TripAdvisor.com

This well-known travel site is a great resource with extensive user reviews. If you need any kind of information regarding your destination, TripAdvisor has you covered. From the “best places to visit” to “best places to stay”, TripAdvisor will help you. If you are going to spend money on a hostel by pre-booking it, you can refer to this website, read the reviews, and get to know about the place before you visit.

3. Couchsurfing.com

Want to stay on someone’s couch on your trip for cheap or free? All you have to do is type in the name of the city you are going to, and the site will search through millions of users who are ready to lend you their couches. It is not just a great way to save up some money but also helps you exchange traditions and make good connections with people.

4. Travel Blog

Travel Blog is a community of really great travel writers who have shared their experiences. You can also see the photos they have uploaded to get a good idea of what you will see on your adventure.

The site has divided the countries in continents. There you can look up for any country in the world you are backpacking for, to find relevant blogs and information.

5. World Nomads

If you’re taking longer trips, exotic trips and maybe trips where you might need a little extra help then check out World Nomads. Their focus is on trip insurance and assistance while traveling.

6. Gap Year Escape

This is a community created by backpackers for backpackers to make their backpacking journey much more interesting than ever. As its name notes, its for those students who want to take a year off – a gap year – before continuing their education. They have great advice you need to get started. From helping you to plan a destination to working abroad while on a trip, Gap Year Escape is there for you.

7. Everfest

Everyone loves festivals especially the ones where you can learn the true culture and tradition of a new place. Everfest helps you find the upcoming festivals in your destination country so you can plan them into your trip. Some are free and for some, you need to buy a ticket, and Everfest can help you get the tickets in one click.

Backpacking is not just about visiting a place it is also about getting to know the local culture as well and living their lifestyle on a low budget. Authentic local festivals can be a great way to do that.

8. Skyscanner.net

From finding cheap tickets to cheap accommodations, Skyscanner can help you. If you are backpacking on a low budget, then Skyscanner can come in handy. Its amazing search engine will browse the internet for the cheapest tickets and accommodations. You can also filter them according to your preference.

A little tip here is that if you are backpacking to a country far away, you should pre-book the ticket months ahead of time if possible. It will help you get the ticket at a much cheaper price.

9. Hostel World

Staying in a hostel’s private or dorm room can help cut the expenses of a hotel that can touch the sky, depending on the area. Hostel World is a great website that has listed many hostels from about 170 countries of the world. As a backpacker you might love to meet new people and getting rooms on sharing basis is one of the cheapest ways to enjoy your backpacking expedition while meeting new people.

You can get a dorm room for as low as $5 per night and a private room for $10 to $15 in many places.

Honorable Mention: BinocularBase.com

Looking for a decent pair of binoculars to take backpacking but aren’t sure which to buy? Binocular Base has you covered. Not only do they have a page dedicated to the best models to take with you on your journeys, their team also offer a free advice service where you can get in contact with an actual expert and have them help you choose a pair for your specific trip and requirements. 

Whether you’re looking for a cheap pair of binoculars to throw in your bag in case you need them, or a high quality pair to get a better view of the sights, it won’t take you long to see why this website is so popular.

Bottom Line

Backpacking should never be done without any help, guidance, and advice because there are too many things that a backpacker should know before hopping onto a train, bus or a plane to a place you know nothing about. Making backpacking fun is up to you and how you plan it. For more help, you can visit our website worldgoo.com and all the websites mentioned above to make your backpacking journey successful. Happy backpacking!


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