8 Unique Wedding Anniversary Presents

Some couples choose to celebrate their wedding anniversary by exchanging gifts for the first time, while others will have a set tradition of receiving certain items. Whether you’re celebrating your 10th anniversary or your third, some original and creative ideas can make the gift-giving process easier and more special. This article will cover eight exceptional wedding anniversary presents.

1. Customized Glassware

Customized glassware is a wonderful alternative to more traditional gifts. By selecting from the various types of glassware, such as shot glasses or wine glasses, you gain the opportunity to make your anniversary gift a memorable keepsake. You can put your wording on the cup to make it special and add dates or symbols of your marriage. Personalized items are always unique and thoughtful.

2. Picture Frames

Picture frames are another item that is very versatile and can be personal. You can get a frame and have your wedding pictures put in them. This is a wonderful gift to give for an anniversary as you can continue to add special memories to the frame throughout the years. This will allow both of you to look at the memories that you have created together.

3. Engraved Jewelry

Engraving is a wonderful way to personalize an item and make it unique. By adding a date such as your wedding or anniversary, you can include your special details in a meaningful way. You can make the gift more personalized but without having to spend a bunch of money on it. This can be a wonderful gift for either the man or woman in your marriage.

4. Keepsakes

Kegs are becoming very popular for preserving memories as well as gifts. You can include special tokens of your marriage and have them placed inside of a keg. You may even want to include a picture or a note that you wrote to each other inside of the barrel. This will be the perfect gift for anyone who loves to brew up a keg of beer and enjoy it with their friends. This is a wonderful anniversary present.

5. Jewelry and Plaques

Another great anniversary gift is jewelry. Whether you select a ring for her or something specific for him, you can make the gift extra special by adding some engraving into it that will remind them of your love, such as “I love you. Happy Anniversary.”

Plaques are another interesting alternative to traditional anniversary gifts. You can make your own and add wording to it that can be very special. For example, you may consider calling it your love plaque or something like “Happily Married.”

6. Wine and Helicopter Rides Archerfield

Wine is another great option for a gift that can be used as a keepsake or decoration. You can get wine glasses and have them engraved with dates, symbols, or even sayings to celebrate your anniversary. Customized wine glasses can be a nice gift.

If you like to go out and vacation, a helicopter ride is an excellent option for your anniversary. You can include a flight for two to the Caribbean and gift certificates to spas along the way. Talk about a special gift! Also, you may consider including a bottle of wine for the route so you can enjoy drinks while flying. This is a wonderful option for those who love to travel and an excellent gift.

7. Engraved Dishes

Dishes are a great thing to get engraved for an anniversary. You could ask for a certain dish or get one already in existence by having it engraved. You can have the dish personalized with symbols or words to let your spouse know how much you love them and care for them. Some good dish ideas include heart dishes, anniversaries, and fun sayings such as “I heart you.”

8. Souvenir Glasses

If you’re looking for more of a unique gift idea, go with customized souvenir glasses. You can either have your personalized message or have them engraved with “Happy Anniversary” or a symbol to signify something in your marriage that you remember. This can be used to commemorate your time together for the year and is a great souvenir. These are also fun ideas to give to couples who are celebrating their first wedding anniversary.


It may be challenging to pick a wedding anniversary present when you’re not quite sure what your spouse would want or like. Ultimately, it will come down to personal preference. This article should provide you with some good options when it comes to finding that special gift.

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