8 Occasions That You can Celebrate on a Luxury Charter Yacht

Nothing is more decadent and celebratory than spending a day (or two or more) with your family, friends, and loved ones while sailing on a luxury charter yacht. It’s the perfect way to level up your parties and events. You’d have absolutely nothing to worry about if you’re sailing on a luxury charter yacht because all your needs will be attended to. You’d have servers, waiters, attendants, staff, and crew to take care of everything you need as you enjoy your special day on a luxury yacht.

Celebrating in a luxury yacht will surely make your event a once-in-a-lifetime memorable experience! To give you an idea as to how enjoyable a yacht celebration can be, we’d give you a list of eight special occasions that people who know how to live boldly and daringly love celebrating in luxury yachts.

1. Birthdays

You deserve the best absolute treat on your birthday. Consider celebrating on a luxury charter yacht if you’re planning to celebrate your party or someone’s birthday party. A luxury yacht is perfect for extra special birthdays like Sweet 16 and big 5-0 celebrations. You’d be giving your family and friends an extra special experience if you’d spend a week or even just a day sailing and enjoying life as you welcome another brand new year in your life.

The best places to cruise during birthday parties are Leeward Island in the Caribbean, the Croatian coast, and Cote d’Azur. Cote d’Azur is perfect if you enjoy food and would love to celebrate your birthday weekend eating at Michelin star restaurants and French bistros.

2. Weddings

A luxury yacht is perfect for your dream wedding! With the pandemic still upon us, nothing is more ideal than having an intimate COVID-free wedding with your family, closest friends, and loved ones. Nothing is more celebratory and safe than getting married on a yacht and knowing that everyone is free to be and enjoy without the need to wear masks! A wedding on a luxury yacht is ideal because you can easily limit the number of people who will attend. You’d also be easily able to require everyone who’d attend to take COVID tests to fully ensure that everyone aboard is safe and free to celebrate your wedding mask-free!

3. Anniversaries

If you’re running out of ideas on how to celebrate your wedding anniversary, you should seriously consider celebrating on a luxury yacht. Nothing is more intimate and romantic than luxuriously sailing away and relaxing with your loved one. Give it a try. You won’t regret it.

4. Honeymoons

You can also have your romantic honeymoon while luxuriously cruising on a chartered yacht. Honeymoons on yachts are extremely romantic because you and the love of your life will be totally free to enjoy each other’s company while enjoying the sea. It all the more becomes fun when one of you knows how to sail and can totally cruise without the need for others. Now that’s an ideal romantic honeymoon getaway. You and the love of your life with everything you need, enjoying life, enjoying love, while smoothly sailing at sea.

Honeymoons in Bali are best enjoyed if you’d rent a luxury charter yacht. Look for a Phuket yacht charter company that offers luxury charters that come with servers, chefs, and massage therapists. You’d absolutely love the whole experience!

5. Family Holidays

Family Holidays

Treat your whole family to a week of absolute fun and celebration by going on a yacht holiday. A luxury yacht is the best option because you’d totally be free from stress. You won’t have to decide on where to eat, where to stay, and what to do. All will be offered to you and you simply need to enjoy your time with your loved ones. In a luxury charter yacht, you could spend a full week complete with food, accommodation, and numerous fun activities to do.

6. Corporate Functions

Nothing speaks opulence and grandeur than having your next corporate function in a luxury charter yacht. A luxury charter yacht is an ideal venue for an exclusive corporate function as it can ensure that all your guests will have a grand time. It will also ensure your company’s superb reputation. What better way to send a message that your company is thriving and ever successful than throwing a luxurious corporate function in a yacht? So next time that you’d need to schedule a corporate function, make it a point to have it on a luxurious yacht.

7. Proposals

Luxury charter yachts are best for surprise proposals. Imagine how romantic and memorable the moment could be. You could simply have the love of your life enjoy the sea while you’re preparing everything — the venue, the food, and her ring, without her even knowing. Proposing on a yacht is something that you should seriously consider.

8. Engagement Parties

Engagement parties are ultra-fun to celebrate in a luxury charter yacht. It’s a party that’s telling the world that you’re ready to embark on a new chapter of your life and you’re happy and eager to begin. Your family and friends will always remember how special your engagement party is as celebrating it with them on a yacht will clearly send a message that you’re happy to enter into this new chapter with them.

Party Away

Whatever your event may be, know that celebrating on a luxury yacht is always a go-to choice if you want to level everything up. You only live once so please don’t miss a chance to sail away and party!