8 Best Backpack Brands

Backpacks have become essential for everyone these days. No matter if you are a student, an office worker, or a traveler, a backpack is a must for you. While one may find different types of backpacks in the market, it is always recommended to get a branded and well-known one. Backpacks by the top brands will be much more long-lasting, high in terms of quality, and will provide you with a comfortable carrying experience too. Follow our guide to the best backpack brands below to find out more. 

Best Backpack Brands

Following are a few of the best and most-known backpack brands that have been working well for most users. 

The North Face

The North Face is one of the most known brands when it comes to different types of outdoor wear products as well as backpacks. The company designs some of the best backpacks which have been tested with the help of several top athletes in the industry. There is a whole lot of science involved with the backpacks that are designed by The North Face. The company has expertise in designing versatile backpacks which can be used for camping, school, work, and numerous other purposes as well. 

Most of the backpacks made by the company have internal frames to provide structural integrity as well as save the contents inside the bag. Besides, they are also water-resistant which protects your gear even more. However, keep in mind that the backpacks may be a bit expensive. 

Herschel Supply Co.

Another top backpack brand is Herschel Supply Co. which has been a family-owned brand founded in 2009. The backpacks are known for their exceptional functionality as well as their style of the backpacks. Most users who have tried out the backpacks by Herschel Supply Co. have been satisfied with the high quality. Besides, the company also incorporates backpacks with signature leather straps which not only make it convenient but a durable choice too. 

Some of the top backpacks by Herschel Supply Co. include the Herschel Supply Co. Retreat Backpack and Herschel Supply Co. Pop Quiz Backpack both of which are handy and stylish at the same time with multiple features. With multiple pockets and compartments for laptops of multiple sizes, these backpacks are useful for the majority of people. 

A backpacker at the Grand Canyon


Another quite popular backpack brand mainly considered for travel backpacks is Timbuk2 which is based out of San Francisco. Those who are looking for high-quality cross-body backpacks should consider buying the one by Timbuk2. You can even carry a laptop easily with the sleeves. The company says that it creates “tough as hell” bags which provides a great idea about the strength of these bags. You can easily organize your stuff with the help of multiple extra pockets. Usually, the bags cost somewhere between $80 and $250. You can get one as per your budget and requirements. 

Some of the best bags by Timbuk2 include Authority Laptop Backpack Deluxe, Parker Commuter Backpack, and Never Check Expandable Backpack. The three of these can be used for office use, personal user, and travel use, respectively.  You can add travel clothing easily. They may be a bit costly as 2 of these cost over $200 but they are worth the price being asked for. 


Brevite gets you one of the most technologically advanced backpacks. The company’s signature product is the Modern Camera Backpacks. Other products by the company include Everyday Backpacks and Jumper Backpacks. One of the distinctive features of Brevite compared to other companies is that Brevite has been a key donor to different social causes. As a result, the company has earned a positive social reputation from its customers. 

For this reason, the company often uses recycled materials to build backpacks. However, this does not compromise the quality of the bags in any way and they are as great as always. Some of the hot-selling backpacks by the company include The Jumper, The Runner, and The Daily Backpack. One of the best parts about the backpacks by Brevite is that they are available in a variety of colors including the dark and bright, both. 

A backpack with different items


Deuter is also a great brand known for some top-quality hiking backpacks. The company has made some solid backpacks over the past few years which have gained interest from the customers. These backpacks resist all the rough usage without harming the contents inside them. This assures the users of the high quality of these backpacks. If you are a frequent traveler who loves to go for mountainous adventures, you must get a backpack by Deuter.

Some of the best backpacks by Deuters include the AC Lite Series, Futura Series, Freescope Series, and Aviant Access Series. These backpacks have performed in an outstanding manner even in the toughest conditions. They are available in a number of sizes as well as colors to provide maximum choice to the customers. The spacious bags allow you to keep all the backpacking essentials hiking equipment with you without compromising on any item’s integrity. These backpacks range between $70 and $250. 


Kaukko backpacks are also amazing for all uses. The company has divided the backpacks into several categories so you can choose the one based on your requirements. It offers Kids’ backpacks, Vintage Daypacks, and Multi-use backpacks. The brand also caters to the needs of those who are looking for classic backpacks. You can find pretty unique and thoroughly designed backpacks on their website which represent a truly classic touch. 

Some of the top backpacks by the company include Kaukko Laptop Outdoor Backpack, KAUKKO Ultra Lightweight Packable Backpack, and KAUKKO Backpack for City Trips / Work. If you visit the brand’s website and have a look at these backpacks, you will eventually know how exquisitely they are designed, representing sophistication and style at the same time. You can get the desired one based on your requirements. 

A student backpack


While many know the brand for footwear, Nike has also designed some of the hot-selling backpacks. Of course, as they are made by Nike, one is always assured of the quality, style, and fabrication of the backpacks. However, most people feel like Nike’s backpacks are too expensive so they don’t buy them. Generally, these backpacks have reasonable quality and one is never dissatisfied no matter how you use them. There are several designs, models, and color patterns available in Nike backpacks. 

The Nike Alpha Adapt Rise Backpack and Nike Vapor Energy Training Backpack are two of the best backpacks by Nike. Mostly, the company designs backpacks for athletes so that they can keep all their essential equipment in one place. However, some of the backpacks by Nike can also be used for traveling purposes. They do come with comfortable padding which allows you to keep the contents of the back safe as well as handle the bag without any discomfort. 


Adidas is yet another great brand known by many for its sportswear and related products such as footwear. Adidas has recently started developing different types of backpacks that are amazing in performance and outstanding in terms of quality. These backpacks are specially designed as sports backpacks which represent the trend and class in a unique manner. Unlike the regular element of high-end brands that provide expensive backpacks, the ones by Adidas are not that expensive. 

If you are looking for a backpack that has amazing quality and exceptional design as well, you should get an Adidas backpack. Some of the best backpacks by the brand include Adidas Pivot Team Backpack, Adidas 3-Stripes Small Travel Backpack, and Adidas Unisex Striker II Team Backpack. The backpacks are quite spacious and have different types of pockets too for easily organizing your stuff.  


Some of the best backpack brands of all time include The North Face, Herschel Supply Co. Timbuk2, Brevite, Dueter, Kaukko, Nike, and Adidas. We recommend that if you ever plan on buying a backpack, get it from these brands as they have been tested by many users already. However, other companies may also be making some amazing backpacks. We hope that our guide to the best backpack brands helps you in making the right choice.