7 Tips for Hosting a Yacht Party: Know Them Now


Yacht trip is an amazing way to escape the busy routine of our lives and indulge into a once in a lifetime experience. How about hosting parties with your friends and family on a yacht trip? It will be super duper fun and everyone will enjoy it a lot. Partying on a Luxury Yacht Charter will be such an unique experience that no one has experienced before. If you want to get the best out of your yacht party, have a look at the tips mentioned below and follow them to host a perfect party.

1. Plan Your Trip Well in Advance

Start packing as early as possible to avoid panic at the last moment. Prepare a guest list well in advance and send the invitations. You can even create a special invitation card with a boat theme to make it look more attractive. Sending the invitations early will give a room to your guests to plan and take off from their work.

You can gather the necessary stuff for the party based on the number of guests who accept your invitation and make the arrangements accordingly.

You can go for a larger yacht if there are more guests while a smaller one will work well if the guests are few. Yachts get filled quickly in the vacation periods so book your trip early and plan well in advance considering that.

2. Select the Right Yacht Type

Selecting the right type of Yacht is essential as different yachts serve a different purpose. Once you know the number of visitors attending the party, you can proceed to select a perfect yacht. You can opt for a Power Yacht or a Sailing Yacht, depending upon your choice. Some people prefer Catamarans or Monohulls for such occasions. Some Luxury Yacht Charters have separate cabins giving utmost privacy to the guests so check them out if it is a requirement for you.

3. Choose a Theme for the Party

When you are hosting a party, you indeed want to make it noteworthy. For that, you can arrange a theme party. There are various themes you can follow. A popular one is the Shipwrecked theme. In this theme, each of the guests would dress up as a person who has been stranded on an island for a couple of weeks. If you are looking to keep it simple, arrange an “All-White” theme which tends to go well on bright sunny days. Adding some challenges and games to such a themed occasion can make your party look distinctive and pleasurable.

4. Play Games

Playing different games with your guests will make the party awesome; make sure everyone participates in the game and no one sits in the corner feeling disinterested. Some games become more entertaining during a themed session, while some games are evergreen. Scavenger Hunt is one such game that is loved by all. Apart from games, you can organize fishing activities as well. You can arrange dance sessions to add more charm to the party.

5. Select the Dishes

Any party is incomplete without delicious food. Let the yacht team know of the specific dishes that you want to serve your guests and if there are any special instructions, inform them well in advance. Keep the snacks and drinks accessible from the seating area so people can have them easily and whenever they want.

6. Keep the Music On

Music is one way to keep the party vibe going. You should keep the music speakers on throughout the day so that the guests can remain entertained. Prepare a list of songs you want to play and give it to the yacht team and they will take care of the rest or you can let them choose the songs as they will be well aware of the popular ones due to frequent parties getting hosted on the yachts.

7. Give Return Gifts

If you have a considerable amount left in your budget, include a return gift for the party attendees. Expensive things are not required, all you need is something memorable to let the guests know you are thankful to them for attending the party and adding charm to it.

Canvas Yacht Charters provide luxe yacht charters at an affordable rate. You can customize the plans as per your needs, select the yacht and destination from the varied range of available choices. Let them know your requirements for hosting a yacht party and they will provide you with all the information. Just book a yacht now and host a grand and memorable party!



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