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6 Things To See & Do In Hua Hin

Hua Hin is a seaside town that’s very popular as a short break destination for Bangkokians. It’s only a 2-3 drive from Bangkok or a 5-hour train journey. Bangkok has been very polluted recently, and that was one of the reasons we decided to spend a few months in Hua Hin. The air is much cleaner and we can really feel the difference.

Hua Hin Beach


As Hua Hin is a beach town, the beach is obviously a popular attraction. The best times to visit the beach are early morning and very late afternoon, as the sun is pretty brutal during the main daytime hours. However, there are some sections of the beach, such as around Soi 83, that have beach umbrellas, so you can always hang out under those if you want to spend an afternoon at the beach.


One of our favorite sections of the beach is at the end of Soi 51. It’s a quieter section and has some nice cafes and restaurants nearby. Remix Dessert Café (link to Coffee Shops in Hua Hin post) is about 50 meters from the beach and is somewhere we spend a lot of time.

Hua Hin Train Station


No visit to Hua Hin would be complete without visiting the train station which is reputed to be the most beautiful in the whole country. The original station dates from 1910. For train enthusiasts, there is an old 305 Unit Baldwin steam locomotive on display at the station.

Hua Hin Train Library


Across the road from the train station, you’ll see two old train carriages that have been converted into a children’s library. We’ve seen something similar in a few other cities around Thailand, so it’s good to know that the old trains are being put to good use. It’s quite an unusual things to see though.

Kite Surfing


If you’re feeling adventurous you could try your hand at kite surfing. There is a kite surfing school at Hua HinSoi 83 (opposite Bluport shopping mall) where you can both hire equipment and take lessons.

If you just want to relax you can sit in the shade under the umbrellas and watch the other kite surfers in action. Food and drink are also served on this section of the beach. This area is popular with tourists due to the number of hotels located in that area.



There are two main areas in Hua Hin where you can see monkeys. One is at Khao Takiab, which is around 8 km south of Hua Hin, and the other is at HinLek Fai, which is about 1 km away. There were so many monkeys at Khao Takiab that the authorities moved them further away, so these days you might only see a few wandering around, or maybe none at all.

If you head to HinLek Fai, which is the main hill that overlooks Hua Hin you are likely to see hundreds of monkeys. We saw the ones in the images while driving up the hill.

Hua Hin Night Market


The night market is open every day of the week from around 5 pm onwards. It’s located along the entire length of Hua HinSoi 72 and sells mainly clothing, souvenirs, and food. The seafood restaurants at the top end of the market are one of the biggest attractions, as the seafood is fresh every day.


As well as the main night market there is also a smaller market connected to it called Chatsila. This is worth a look, as much of it is made up of all wooden houses that have been restored.

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