6 Practical Ideas for Furnishing Your Holiday Home

6 Practical Ideas for Furnishing Your Holiday Home

Holiday homeowners are typically excited about furnishing their holiday home because it could mean more renters, increasing income. But it is easy to go overboard.

Before you decide, here are the essential holiday home furnishing ideas you might want to consider.

How should you furnish your holiday home?

It’s understandable to want to make your holiday home impressive to renters. However, you should consider some things to ensure that you are adding the fixtures, features, and decorations that will fit your holiday home style. Keep in mind that a home that is elegantly, even if sparsely furnished, has greater appeal than a home with a mishmash of things that can give off a garish look.

1. Do not go over the top

Putting the right finishing touches can be overwhelming. If you are a newbie, you might not know what to do. It can be difficult to decide colour schemes, furniture, fixtures, accessories and other items. See to it that you make it simple by getting the essentials. Otherwise, hire an interior decorator, or stick with one theme.

2. Reflect the personality of the locality

Aside from complementing the type of home you have, you can improve its appeal by using items that can identify your home with the location’s personality. If your vacation home is near the sea, choose a sea-inspired theme. If the local history is interesting, find related items. When your home is in the country, add rustic décor.

3. Pick good furniture

Your holiday home is not only for your guests; it is for your personal use as well. Therefore, your comfort should be a top priority. Pick a sofa that is durable yet comfortable and cushioned that will help users relax. By the same token, choose good beds as well. The beds should have comfortable mattresses and soft pillows in the right size.

4. Provide ample storage

Storage is essential, not only to prevent clutter but also to provide your guests with places to store their belongings temporarily. Many vacation home renters come in large groups, so they look for big houses for rent, which means they need plenty of storage space so that they can move around freely.

5. Combine durability and quality

Since you’ve decided to let your vacation home, you should look for furnishings and fittings that are durable and of high-quality. While you may have house rules, remember that the people who will temporarily use your home will not take care of the furnishings as you would. Moreover, your furnishings should not look worn and tired so that you need to replace them more often than you would want.

6. Remove personal items

Ensure that your holiday home is de-personalised. Your guests should feel that the home is theirs during their stay. Keep personal things hidden or store them somewhere else. For one thing, you do not want your keepsakes to be lost or damaged. Further, the home will be more welcoming to renters because they will not feel they are intruding in someone’s property.

A bit of research will be a big help when choosing furnishings for your vacation home. You can find plenty of resources, online and offline, which can give you good ideas on what to get.

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