6 Fun Things to Do With Your Family in Doha During Spring Break

Although spring break isn’t that long, you and your family can still have a lot of time bonding and having fun together during this short holiday.

You can pack in plenty of activities to do with your family during your kids’ spring break when you go to the right places in Doha.

Doha, the capital city of Qatar, is known for its modern infrastructures and cultural heritage. Its many attractions ensure you and your family have a variety of activities to ‌enjoy.

The kids’ activities in Doha are wide-ranging, so that your children will find something fun to do here regardless of their age.

The small size of the city makes it easy for you to go from one place to another, allowing you and your group to visit more attractions and partake in more activities in one day.

Family-Friendly Activities in Doha This Spring

Get some ideas from the list below to enjoy the ultimate spring break with your family in Doha:

1. Go on an adventure at Angry Birds World

Whether you and your family are fans of Angry Birds, the popular mobile game app and movie franchise or not, you’ll love spending the day at this extraordinary theme park.

The 17,000-square-meter adventure, recreational, and leisure hub is the first theme park inspired by the world of Angry Birds. The massive place has both an indoor and outdoor area.

The indoor area, which is located inside Doha Festival City, is fully air-conditioned and houses numerous exciting rides and attractions. These include the Blast Bomb, Bouncing Blues, Epic Battle, Fierce Flight Tree, Own the Sky, Pirate Coast, and Trampoline Universe.

The outdoor rides and attractions include the Raft Battle, Red’s Beach House, Super Slingshot, and Angry Coaster.

The most notable attraction here is Angry Birds Go!, the first indoor and outdoor kart track in the world. Here, you’ll have fun racing with your family on an exciting multi-level karting circuit.

This go-karting experience is something you and your family shouldn’t miss out on when you’re in Doha.

The rides and attractions in Angry Birds World make visiting this park an incredible adventure.

2. Explore Snow Dunes

Enjoy some winter activities in spring while in Doha at Snow Dunes, the country’s first winter theme park.

Every nook and cranny of the place is covered in artificial snow, making it the perfect setting for various fun winter activities.

Go sledding with your family at White Dunes and Snow Storm. If you and your kids have always wanted to try sliding down a snowy hill, head to Dune Dash, a 50-meter slide that can give you a close experience.

Drop by the Snowy Mount, Snow Slide, and Snow Motion, other attractions that guarantee you and your family an amazing time.

While here, build snowmen and snow forts and have fun getting into snowball fights with your family.

3. Play a variety of video games in Virtuocity

If your kids are in their teens, Virtuocity is the perfect destination for your entire family.

Virtuocity is a state-of-the-art digital gaming hub, a paradise for all avid gamers. It is equipped with 52-inch screens, PlayStation and XBOX consoles, and sound systems.

Gamers also have access to a variety of the latest games.

You and your family will have access to these gaming devices and games in the Arena, a coliseum-like stadium in the middle of the hub. You can also play these games with just your family if you rent a VIP room.

Aside from playing video games, you and your teens will love the eSports arena, escape rooms, and full-motion racing simulators.

4. Hang out at a mall

Doha has several malls, so it would be a shame not to visit them.

You and your family will love splurging at the different retail stores you can find at the malls in Doha. You’ll have plenty of options to choose from when you shop for clothes, shoes, bags, perfumes, and other accessories.

Shopping for electronics in Doha is also a great idea. You’ll find plenty of brands and devices that are more affordable here than in other countries.

However, make sure to ask the salesperson if you can use the device you want to buy in your home country and if you need to follow some special steps to make it work.

If you have younger kids who ‌get bored quickly, you can bring them to one of the play centers in the mall, where they’ll have access to a variety of toys and play with other children.

You have the option of leaving your little kids in these play centers since the staff will supervise them. You can then visit more shops.

5. Exercise at the Outdoor Leisure Trail

Regardless of how long you and your family are staying in Doha this spring, you would do well to find time to exercise.

Run, walk, or go cycling at the Outdoor Leisure Trail in Doha Festival City. You can choose from various routes to explore and get some workout at the same time.

The specially designed tracks also have various exercise equipment you can hop on to work out certain parts of your body when you and your family take a break from your walk or run.

If you and your family are on your bikes, you can choose from among various technical trail features (TTFs) to make your ride more exciting.

For a bit of sightseeing, visit the eco-plastic boardwalk, rock and water causeways, mist tunnel, and rock gardens, which are all easy to find at the Outdoor Leisure Trail.

6. Visit the Katara Cultural Village

While in Qatar, take the time to learn about the local culture, history, and heritage. The Katara Cultural Village is one of the best places to do this with your family.

The Katara Cultural Village provides guests with a variety of educational experiences. You’ll find these at the art galleries and heritage centers.

The village also has an open amphitheater, museum, planetarium, opera house, and gardens, all of which are worth visiting.

The Katara Cultural Village hosts regular exhibitions, festivals, and live performances, which you and your family may be lucky to catch during your visit here.

Lastly, Katara Beach is nearby, and it’s an incredible place to spend the day and enjoy the outdoors with your family.

If you’re short listing your options for your spring break destinations with your family, put Doha on the top of your list. These six activities you can do here will surely delight your loved ones and everyone will have a fun, memorable holiday.