5 Things To Do When In New York


From its art museums, like The Met and Frick Madison, to its attractions like the Bronx Zoo, and the Empire State Building, New York City definitely features some of the best things to do in the world. For instance, its dining and drinking scenes are constantly evolving, and the city still boasts some of the most unbeatable killer bars in the world.

If you are ready to explore New York, you should know that there is so much to see and do that you will need a lifetime to check off all the items on your list. Whether it’s the cozy spots, hidden-gem stores, must-see art, the incredible views, or New York sports betting, here are the five best things to do in the city, apart from visiting Times Square.

1. Experience Summit One Vanderbilt

Whether you believe it or not, Summit One Vanderbilt will offer you a heart-pounding and immersive experience. Resting atop the new 67-floor One Vanderbilt is a 1,401-foot, super high skyscraper.

The primary reason why you should visit this place is to experience the infinity room named “Air” that is completely mirrored. The space reflects breathtaking views of the sky and city (you can see all landmarks and bridges from here) and makes you feel as if you are walking in another plane of existence. What’s even more interesting is that the views here change with the weather and time of the day.

The two all-glass elevators here called “Ascent” are another feature you shouldn’t miss. These travel up the outside of the building up to 1,210 feet, where the 120 feet of observation deck here is taller than Edge at Hudson Yards.

2. Explore the Bank of America Winter Village at Bryant Park Guide

Bryant Park happens to be an ideal destination to enjoy holiday festivities, ice skating, shopping, and food. Spreading across a vast expanse of 17,000 square feet, the ice-skating rink is free to use, and every year over 170 kiosks and shops open up during holiday where you can get your shopping done.

The must-not-miss attraction here is the Small Business Spotlight. Every year, it helps four New York City-based minority-owned small businesses earn annual revenue of around $1 million by giving them an opportunity to display their products in a free booth at the Bank of America Winter Village at Bryant Park.

Additionally, you also shouldn’t miss The Lodge by Prime Video when here. A covered, outdoor après-themed area, you can enjoy a festive cocktail or some delicious food while watching the ice skaters or simply admiring the tree.

3. Go on a Day Trip to Governors Island

Located in the heart of New York Harbor, Governors Island was once a military outpost, off-limits to the public for nearly 200 years. Later, it opened to the public in the summer of 2006. One can still find remnants of the military-era architecture, including Fort Jay, which began in 1776, and Castle Williams, which was completed in 1812 (it was used as a prison), in this lush green, 172-acre isle. In these 22-acres of land, you can explore forts and historical officers’ residences.

The best thing about this national landmark is that it is open year-round. The island is run jointly by the city, the state, and the National Park Service, and it offers a peaceful background for cycling. However, remember that you will have to bring your bike on the ferry. You can also rent a bike from many of the businesses there.

Often, a lot of programs and events are hosted here, like concert series and art exhibitions. You can also picnic here, directly across the Statue of Liberty.

4. Try the Chemistry Room at Sushi Lab

Sushi Lab currently features an expanded new intimate space that holds a 13-course omakase you can use for $100. They also offer laboratory touches across the experience.

Perhaps, the one reason you should come here is to enjoy their delicacies, including the Wagyu beef, a smokey miso soup, and the tuna flight, all presented in a beaker to bring the whole laboratory work into focus. Additionally, you can sip on a glass of fine sake, wine, and beer, alongside various signature cocktails here.

A few popular drinks include The Mr. Chiri that include tequila, yuzu, cilantro, and red chili peppers, and the Morning Glory contains a combination of gin, grapefruit syrup, basil, and egg white, the Punny Pearfection made of soju, pear puree, lemon juice, and pea flower syrup.

5. Get Inspired by the Disney-Themed Exhibition at the Met

Inspiring Walt Disney: The Animation of French Decorative Arts is the epitome of Walt Disney’s personal fascination with European art. The place depicts the use of French motifs in Disney films and theme parks. During the show, you will get to witness some unique gems including, the film celluloid from the production of Snow White gifted to The Met in 1938 by Walt Disney. Furthermore, personal film footage of Walt and his family visiting Paris can also be found here.


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