5 Amazing Sights Aboard A Murray River Cruise

Getting on a Murray River cruise could be a delightful and unique way to explore this part of Southern Australia. With several vessel types and sizes to choose from, you’d be accommodated without any worries. Whether traveling alone or with family or friends, you can truly enjoy being aboard a river cruise, especially if you know you’ll be visiting some fantastic sights for the duration of your journey. 

Also, Australia has so many undiscovered parts that are just waiting to be experienced, according to murrayrivercruises.com.au. It might be the sign you’re looking for if you’ve been contemplating whether or not to book your tickets for a Murray River cruise. 

To entice you even more, here are some of the amazing sights you’ll see and experience while aboard your excursion. 

  • Flinders Ranges 

Some Murray River cruises offer the option to add Flinders Ranges in their itineraries. If you want to visit this amazing site, you can request it as an add-on to your package. You won’t regret doing this because there’s simply no other place in the world that looks like the Flinders Ranges and everything it has to offer.  

If you have enough time, make sure you try an aerial tour of Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre, the largest salt lake in Australia. Although it’s usually dry, it occasionally fills with water that offers quite a breathtaking view of a desert oasis.  

Murray River Cruise

  • Seal Bay 

Known as the most famous attraction of Kangaroo Island, Seal Bay is one of the places you can expect to visit when aboard a Murray River Cruise. The place offers quite an extraordinary wildlife encounter that both adults and kids would definitely enjoy.  

Several viewing platforms are available throughout the 800-meter boardwalk of this conservation park. Your cruise package may already include tour tickets for Seal Bay, but of course, you need to first confirm that with them. In a guided tour, you’d be amazed by the bewildering lives of endangered Australian sea lions.  

As there are no cages or enclosures at the park, what you’ll get would be a firsthand experience of a colony of sea lions and pristine sandy beaches, which are all part of their attempt at ecologically sustainable tourism.

  • Swan Hill Regional Art Gallery 

If you have quite a fascination for native art, you’d love a visit to Swan Hill Regional Art Gallery. The place boasts of a vast collection of native art from the ‘70s onward, including Australian works on drawings, prints, and paper. If you’re lucky, you could be there to witness one of the touring exhibitions the gallery hosts by schedule. 

Aside from the exhibits, the art gallery also displays creations from local artists, which you’d find to be an exciting collection. Their guided tours may even include refreshments, depending on the arrangement made by your cruise organizer. 

  • Mitchelton Winery 

What’s a holiday without occasional wine drinking? If you’re a wine lover and would surely appreciate a few good glasses, you could count on Mitchelton Winery to offer you more than that. As one of the most favorite wineries in Australia, Mitchelton provides a beautiful escape, relaxation, and serenity with its vast landscape.  

After a tiring tour from the other destinations included in your Murray River cruise, you’d definitely love to recharge in a spa or relax by the pool. The new hotel at Mitchelton can give you exactly that. Of course, the most enticing part is the wine tour and tasting, featuring their signature wine varieties. Their restaurant is also equally lovely, with seasonal menus that would pair well with a tasty bottle of wine.

  • Port Of Echuca Discovery Centre 

Another tourist attraction you can’t possibly miss during your Murray River cruise is the Port of Echuca Discovery Centre, located at Murray Esplanade. The bustling port is considered one of the premier heritage icons of Australia, where you can witness authentic paddle steamers departing. 

Then the Discovery Centre is where discovery awaits, with plenty of audiovisual displays and models presented to give you a working knowledge of the inland river system of the land down under. You’d also learn about the history of paddle steamers. 

Final Words 

There are more than enough reasons to get aboard a Murray River cruise. For one, you get to explore the place in a unique and breathtaking way. What’s more relaxing than cruising by the river on a luxurious and spacious boat with your family or friends in tow? Of course, you can’t also take for granted the different amazing sights you can see and experience while on your excursion. Some sights to check out are Seal Bay, Flinders Ranges, Mitchelton Winery, Swan Hill Regional Art Gallery, and Port of Echuca Discovery Centre.