14 Utah Glamping Sites You Shouldn’t Miss Out

If you love adventure getaways with a touch of luxury, exploring glamping in Utah state parks should be at the top of your bucket list. Glamorous camping vacations are an excellent way of bonding with family since you experience hotel-like amenities in the wilderness. Besides, if you are a fan of regular car camping, you will fall in love with the designated glamgrounds spread across the state of Utah.

Whether planning a family or friend’s vacation, spend your nights in a real bed and a uniquely made ten. Bring the experience of a luxurious hotel into the wilderness while enjoying unlimited adventurous amenities. Is someone suggesting you go glamping in utah state parks? Well, here are 14 Utah glamping sites you should consider in your next holiday.

Zion Backcountry Yurt

It is nestled in the Grand Staircase-Escalante national monument featuring a luxurious kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms. Zion Backcountry Yurt tears you apart from the urban setting and allows you to interact with nature and stay comfy.

Convertible A-Frame in Zion National Park

Here you get half cabin tents with an A-frame construction with walls flipping outwards to merge with nature in comfortable accommodation. The location is truly off the grid but comes in style so you can hike and cool your nerves in the wilderness. Besides, your eyes get to feast on wildflower meadow and lounge chairs giving you a telescopic view of the landscape in unmatched serenity.

Eco-friendly Cabin – Hurricane

When was the last time you experienced stars without hindrance from the comfort of your bed? The camp is simplistic and eco-friendly; the walls can be easily lifted to allow Zion open air into the tent. Besides, guests can always choose the observation deck, which is part of the dining space.

Glamping in Wagon – Orderville

Here is a traditional Conestoga Wagon designed to take you back in the pioneering days of camping. It can accommodate six people and offers a king-size bed. However, you will have to forget your phone and other modern amenities while relaxing at this camp.

Bedrock Homestead – Boulder

The property is located within the Navajo sandstone offering comfy amenities to its guests. The getaway sits deep into the woods, and you will need a rugged off-roader to drive to the destination. Thus, you will enjoy both the stay and adventurous journey crossing a river to the camp.

Zion Luxury Tent – Hildale

Tents in this camp are fitted with snuggly beds and a wooden floor. However, it is the surrounding environment that will make you fall in love with the location instantly. If you love hiking, this is your best bet as you have the best sceneries to explore untouched by human activities.

Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort

The camp offers more than your usual glamping sites with morning drives, hot breakfast in the wilderness, and a naturalistic pool. Besides, the game tours and outdoor activities are more than what you can ask. Again, you will enjoy being close to the national parks and canyons for free.

Treehouse Victorian woods

Some people have created a theory that some creatures crafted the wooden treehouse and anchored it in place. The treehouse is magical, and you will automatically feel like a young child from your first step into it and enjoy the rope swing. Besides, you have a chance to immerse yourself in deep thoughts and clear your mind like the beauty of streams and woods massage your soul.

Kanab! Hayduke Tent at Basecamp 37°

Tents are enormous, with warm wooden floors greeting you. Solar panels provide electricity here, making it more eco-friendly and convenient. The Desert Mountains surrounding the tents and a wrong weather area make it an excellent place for adventurists.

Air Stream at East Zion

The camp is a meeting point of luxury and convenience in the woods. Its interiors are the best you can find in the wilderness, with stunning views of towering cliffs that can be enjoyed from the comfort of a bathtub.

Vintage Trailer

The camp oozes the best of vintage vibes since it was professionally restored. Since its upgrade, the camp offers lavish and convenient accommodation to all its visitors.

Monte Cristo Yurt

If you desire to get disconnected from the modern world, here is your best bet as it is located between the Hardware and Monte Cristo Ranch. Plenty of wildlife roams the location and offers ambient space for all outdoor activities that can cross your mind.

Zion Tent Adventure – Hildale

The location is near pink coral dunes in Zion. Visiting the camp assures you of uninterrupted serenity as you enjoy ancient hiking trails, waterfall, and breathtaking sceneries to last a lifetime.

Conestoga Ranch Resort

Thanks to its scenic views and vast land hosting several luxurious sleeping wagons and tents, here is the mother of them all. The site offers a stunning location for a summer getaway, offering lots of picnic goodies such as night bonfires and a private bar for your indulgence. Besides, the camp comes with an open-air restaurant to serve you the best delicacies.


Having highlighted the best and most luxurious Utah Glamping Sites, you can edit your bucket list to suit your taste. Besides, you have the opportunity to choose and experience culture and different wilderness sceneries. Why wait when you can take your 4*4 and hit the road to one Utah glamping site for a start, take the bold step, and start your adventurous journey in the woods.

Author:  John Brinkster