10 Travel Essentials for Modern Business Travelers


Everybody has a set of essentials to pack each time they go on vacation. But the list may be different for business travelers who need to juggle packed schedules after arriving at their destination. Here, efficiency and organization are key.

Anything that will help you achieve this balance will make your business trip a simple and stress-free process, so make sure to have all the right items packed.

There are actually great options designed to help you organize your things easily, such as carry-on bags and other spacious yet compact travel bags in the UAE. And also, you must not miss having a trusted global mobility solutions partner to ensure that all areas of your business are checked and in place even if you’re on a trip.

If you’re a frequent business flyer, here are ten things you should always have with you for stress-free work travel.

1. Carry-on bag

Avoiding the hassle and extra cost of checked baggage should be your priority every time you go on a business trip.

The right carry-on bag will not just satisfy the limitations of most airlines, but will also result in better mobility, savings on baggage fees, and bypassing baggage claim. You don’t even have to worry about baggage handlers throwing your bag around, especially if you have fragile items with you.

Choose a carry-on bag that can store all your essential items. Get one with an exterior compartment where you can put all the contents of your pockets once you are at the security gate. Your carry-on bag should also be durable, lightweight, and designed for efficient packing.

With the right planning and packing approach, you will only require a carry-on bag and your personal items for your business trip.

2. Convenience bag

During business travels, you are allowed to have a carry-on bag and a smaller bag for your personal items. It can be a leather laptop briefcase bag or a compact backpack, provided it can fit under your plane seat.

A backpack is preferable because you can pack all your travel essentials in it. You can conveniently wear it on your back, throw it over your shoulder, or place it on your carry-on for hands-free, convenient movement around the airport.

Whatever convenience bag you choose, make sure it has a durable strap that you can easily slip over your carry-on.

3. Noise-canceling headphones

Noise-canceling headphones are essential if you need to work during your flight or get some shuteye. You don’t know who you will be seated next to, so you need the option to eliminate noise when necessary. Get yourself an eye mask, too, if you are sensitive to visual distractions and light that can keep you awake when you need to sleep.

4. Extra battery or power source

While traveling, you might find it hard to find power outlets. Having an extra battery will keep your refurbished iPhone and other devices charged and operational. You can bring a pocket-sized power source to save space. You can also opt for a smart battery case, as this will offer better protection for your device and ensure longer battery life.

5. Portable hard drive

Having access to printers is also a common problem when traveling. By saving essential files onto a portable hard drive, you can plug it into a computer if you need to print your work.

6. Mobile hotspot

Public Wi-Fi might only be the internet you can access while traveling abroad. But often, it is expensive, too slow, or unsafe to use.

Mobile hotspots ensure that you will have Internet access wherever you go and whenever you need it. So if you need to check your email while waiting for your flight or are in a car going to your hotel, you don’t have to worry about that. Portable hotspots can provide you with safe browsing and even ports that allow for charging your device.

7. Universal adaptor

You can’t charge your device if your device does not match with the plug. To avoid this, always bring a universal adaptor that fits all kinds of plug sockets.

8. Water bottle

Help save the environment by bringing a water bottle during your business trips. Instead of buying plastic bottles, use your bottle to get potable drinking water from drinking fountains at the airport or in your destinations where tap water is safe to drink.

Find a collapsible water bottle or drinking pouches that can be stored flat to save space.

9. Travel pillow

Getting enough rest when traveling for work is essential to arrive at your destination feeling well-rested and refreshed.

To ensure inflight comfort, consider investing in the best travel pillow for long flights that you can fasten to the seatbelt or put around your neck. Find one that keeps your head in a comfortable position so you won’t wake up with a stiff neck.

10. Luggage accessories

Today, there are plenty of luggage accessories you can use to preserve your clothing and conserve space. These accessories help keep all your things neatly contained in your carry-on bag and enable you to find whatever you need quickly.

  • Packing cubes – Available in different colors and sizes, packing cubes can hold all your belongings neatly.
  • Shoe bags – Keep your shoes protected and clean by placing them in a shoe bag. This is also useful for stashing muddy or wet running shoes or anything you need to separate from your clean garments.
  • Ziploc bags – These are great for segregating clean clothes from dirty ones. You can compress air from these easily and seal whatever you place in them securely.
  • Toiletry bags – Use this bag for all your toiletries to prevent liquids or creams from spilling onto your garments. Choose one with plenty of compartments and a built-in list for your grooming essentials.
  • Garment bags – This type of bag will protect your shirts, dress trousers, and suits. It ensures that all your clothes are ready to wear upon your arrival at your destination. It should have compartments for ties, belts, handkerchiefs, and other accessories.
  • Laptop case – Whenever you need to bring your laptop or tablet, make sure to put it in a protective case. Invest in a high-quality sleeve that can insulate your important piece of equipment from damage or accidental knocks, and always keep it with you.
  • Luggage tag – If you need to check in your luggage on your trip, you will be dealing with near-identical bags on the baggage carousel. To ensure that you get the right bag, invest in a brightly colored luggage tag. You can add a large colored ribbon for easier identification, even from afar. Remember not to include your address in your tag for security purposes. Put only your name and phone number instead.

Planning and preparation are key to make sure that your business trips run smoothly.

Include these ten travel essentials along with your wallet, phone, passport, and clothing to help you enjoy convenient and stress-free business trips.