10 reasons your home isn’t selling



You’ve put your house on listing for the past three months, yet nobody has shown interest or you’re unable to close the deal. It may be as a result of one thousand and one reasons and one mistake most homeowners never cease to make. By the way, see the next link if you’re asking the question “where is the best place to sell my house”.

This post will guide you through avoiding ten of such commonest mistakes. 

Reason One; Pricing Your House Too High

Having your house priced higher than the competition could result in no market for you. You might think, it is just an asking price that your potential buyers will surely negotiate. This may be true but most of the time, it results in a large turn-off for intending buyers. Ensure you don’t price too high than your ‘comp’. Survey your neighborhood for the most agreeable market price. 

Reason Two; Doing It Yourself (DIY) 

Selling your home yourself might cut away the shares of realtor agents eventually. But most times, people don’t consider a house with ‘For Sale By Owner’ placed at the front. Agents are in a better way to help market your house than you. 

Reason Three; State of The House 

Though expensive repair works might be the major reason why you wish to sell your home. Do so well to at least do some little repairs. While those majors improvements which you’re unable to fix be disclosed when prompted by buyers. You can’t have your homes for sale in Conway SC the same way as houses with little to no defects compared to yours. Ensure you cut some slack for buyers bidding for sale. 

Reason Four; Bad Timing 

Most people prefer house hunting during spring and summer than in winter. Though it doesn’t mean listing your home for sale in winter will result in no sale. But people treasured their convenience and comfort so much. You probably wouldn’t want to be shuttling from the moving truck into your new home in a freezing temp. Consider the period when listing as spending months with no sale could be a great turn off for your home. 

Reason Five; Not Visible Enough 

Prospective buyers couldn’t find your house easily on the net. Nowadays, people do home hunting online. And it is in your best interest to have your house listed in virtually every online listing space. Examples of those popular online spaces are Multiple Listing Service, Trulia, Homefinder, and Zillow.  

Reason Six; Photo Speak 

While listing, you only put the front patio pictures online. Many people do make the mistake of putting the frontal views of their house alone online. While this picture may be good, it is not quite telling as need be. 

Endeavor to add as many pictures of your home as much as possible. Details of the selling points in your home through pictures will boost sales a lot. And most importantly, make sure all pictures are clean and under natural light. 

Reason Seven; Your Curb Appeal is Bad 

Blocked gutters, overgrown lawns, peeling paints would surely have a negative effect on the mind of a buyer. Though the pictures online might be all fancy-vanilla look if a buyer meets your curb in disruptive, they are likely not buying. No matter how appealing the pictures online may look, it wouldn’t sell if the reality does not look well. So trim the grass and move the outdoor cat house. More so, the first impression lasts longer, the curb is the first place a prospective buyer will see. 

Reason Eight Marketing Wrongly 

Most people run the risk of marketing their home poorly. Even though your house is been stage-managed by agents. The listing agent’s way of doing things might be outdated. 44% of buyers start their search on the internet even before contacting a realtor’s office, this is from the recent report of the National Association of Realtors. So, if your home is not properly pitched in the right place, there is the likelihood of no sale for months. 

Carry out a proper survey of their capability. Choose an agent who is ready and cares to work not just someone who is introduced to you by your Uncle’s Colleague at work.   

Reason Nine; Titles Problem 

Titles herein are not the name ascribed to the house but the legal documents showing you are the rightful owner of the same. Conveyance without a deed of transfer might spook buyers into thinking the whole charade is a fraud. All you need is to contact your attorney or the title company to provide the necessary documents that will fast track sales. 

Reason Ten; Odors

“If I can smell it, I can sell it” is an old saying in real estate that still works. Ensure there is no mold infestation or blocked sewage causing bad smells, as odors are a large turnoff to buyers. 

You might not be able to perceive those odors as you’ve become immune to the same. You should seek the opinion of an honest friend on how your home smells. This way, you would be able to detect what is wrong and remedy such.


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