10 Offbeat Places to Visit in New Zealand


Embark on an extraordinary journey through the hidden treasures of New Zealand, where the serenity of nature and the richness of cultural heritage seamlessly entwine. The Whanganui River, gracefully winding through the heart of the North Island, beckons kayakers to explore Maori history amid the embrace of native flora. Farewell Spit, at the southern tip of the South Island, reveals a paradise for birdwatchers with its secluded sand spit and towering dunes. 

Castlepoint in Wairarapa exudes coastal charm, while Nugget Point in Otago enchants with its rugged coastline. From the celestial marvels of Lake Tekapo’s Dark Sky Reserve to the pristine landscapes of The Catlins, each destination offers a distinctive and immersive experience, inviting you to venture beyond the conventional tourist trail with New Zealand Tour Packages From Ahmedabad.

Here is the list of best hidden places to visit in New Zealand:

Whanganui River, North Island:

Whanganui River, North Island

The Whanganui River, winding through the heart of the North Island, offers a serene escape into nature. Kayaking along its gentle currents reveals not only the scenic beauty of the river but also a journey through Maori history. The riverbanks are adorned with native flora, and the trip may include stops at sites like the Mangapurua Landing, known for the intriguing “Bridge to Nowhere.” This offbeat destination provides a peaceful immersion into New Zealand’s natural and cultural landscapes.

Farewell Spit, Golden Bay:

Farewell Spit

At the northern tip of the South Island, Farewell Spit unfolds as a secluded paradise. The extensive sand spit is a haven for birdwatchers, with a variety of species inhabiting the area. Guided tours offer insights into the ecological significance of this wildlife sanctuary. The expansive beaches and towering sand dunes add to the allure, creating a sense of solitude and tranquility.

Castlepoint, Wairarapa:


Nestled along the picturesque Wairarapa coast, Castlepoint encapsulates the very essence of coastal charm. The iconic Castle Rock, accompanied by its sentinel lighthouse, majestically oversees the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean. A trek to the summit unfolds breathtaking panoramic views, creating a rewarding experience for visitors. The surrounding beaches, with their pristine beauty, set the stage for leisurely strolls along the shore. Explore this coastal gem and more by booking New Zealand holiday packages from Mumbai. Castlepoint stands as an offbeat destination, a testament to New Zealand’s coastal allure that extends beyond the well-trodden tourist circuits. 

Nugget Point, Otago:

Nugget Point

Along the rugged Otago coast, Nugget Point beckons with its unique geological formations. The nuggets, or rocky islets, scattered along the coastline create a dramatic seascape. The lighthouse perched on the headland offers stunning vistas of the Pacific Ocean. Exploring the viewpoints and walking tracks allows for a peaceful encounter with the raw beauty of New Zealand’s southern coast.

Stewart Island/Rakiura:

Stewart Island

Stewart Island, located south of the South Island, provides a pristine retreat for nature enthusiasts. Rakiura, meaning “glowing skies” in Maori, offers a haven for birdwatching, particularly the elusive kiwi. Hiking trails crisscross the island, leading to secluded beaches and viewpoints. The untouched landscapes and the absence of crowds make Stewart Island an offbeat gem for those seeking a genuine connection with New Zealand’s natural wonders.

Lake Tekapo’s Dark Sky Reserve:

Lake Tekapo, nestled in the Mackenzie Basin, is not just a picturesque lake but a gateway to the cosmos. Recognized as a Dark Sky Reserve, the area around Lake Tekapo offers unparalleled opportunities for stargazing. The absence of light pollution reveals a celestial spectacle, with the Southern Lights dancing across the night sky. Astronomy enthusiasts and romantics alike can revel in the cosmic wonders that unfold above this tranquil lake.

The Catlins, Southland:

The Catlins

The Catlins, a less-explored region in Southland, unfolds as a rugged coastal wilderness. Hidden waterfalls like Purakaunui Falls cascade through lush forests, creating an enchanting atmosphere. The coastline, dotted with sea caves and unique rock formations, provides a habitat for seals and sea lions. The Catlins, with its untouched landscapes and diverse ecosystems, invites exploration and a sense of discovery.

Kawau Island, Hauraki Gulf:

Kawau Island

Kawau Island, nestled in the Hauraki Gulf, is a peaceful retreat accessible by ferry. Steeped in history, the island features the historic Mansion House and beautiful gardens. Walking trails lead to scenic viewpoints, and the surrounding waters offer opportunities for leisurely boat rides and dolphin watching. Kawau Island provides a tranquil escape from the urban hustle, inviting visitors to unwind in a setting of natural beauty and historical charm.

Chatham Islands:

Chatham Islands

The Chatham Islands, a remote archipelago in the Pacific Ocean, boast a distinctive character shaped by both nature and culture. Rich in Moriori heritage, the islands offer a unique blend of flora and fauna. Explore the rugged landscapes, visit ancient Moriori sites, and witness the unspoiled beauty that defines this offbeat destination. The Chatham Islands promise an authentic and immersive experience for those willing to venture off the well-trodden path.

Karekare Beach, Auckland:

Karekare Beach

Karekare Beach, just a short drive from Auckland, captivates with its untamed beauty. The black sands and rugged coastline set the stage for a peaceful retreat. The nearby Waitakere Ranges provide hiking opportunities, leading to the iconic Karekare Falls. This offbeat coastal gem allows visitors to reconnect with nature, offering a sense of seclusion and the soothing sounds of the Tasman Sea. Karekare Beach is a hidden sanctuary for those seeking a respite from the urban bustle.


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