10 Expert Tips to Improve Your Facebook Video Marketing

FaceBook is always considered as one of the best platforms for video marketing being the best visual medium. In fact, before using it for sharing images and videos, initially, this social network was introduced as a digital book to look at the things. Now, this platform is known more for showing videos than still images. Today video marketing has dominated FaceBook for many years. So, if, according to your marketing strategy, you want to improve the exposure of your business on FaceBook as well as on the search engines then you should follow the video marketing tips suggested by the experts and provided hereunder. Also, check out https://newcasinos-au.com/ to know the best new online casinos for Australians this year.

The length of videos should remain between 15 and 90 seconds

According to Joe Forte, the writer of Beating the Algorithm: 11 Essential Secrets for FaceBook Video’, the level of keeping the visitors engaged can drop after seeing a video for mo than 90 seconds. James Marques from Iconic Genius told Elise Dopson at Databox that the maximum limit for the video ads n a marketing campaign should not be more than 15 seconds. Katherine Ellis of Newswhip pointed out that the length of the video is immaterial if it is worth watching for the users of FaceBook.

Be to the point to keep viewers engaged

Dopson has suggested expert tips in The Best FaceBook Ad Content for Driving Awareness & Sales’, her article, that your social media marketing should hook the visitors fast. You should create a video that can attract the attention of the viewers in the initial 5 seconds. According to recommendations of Joe Forte, the synopsis of your video should tell the viewers what they can get after watching it. You can keep the audience engaged if your introduction is concise and clear.

Give reasons to watch your video

Alfred Lua of Buffer suggested in her’17 Ways to Get More Views, Engagement, and Shares for Your FaceBook Videos’ that you should also post blog posts while posting a video on FaceBook to tell your visitors about the worth of your video within a few seconds.

Choose an attractive summary for your video to catch the viewer’s eye

According to the team of AdEspresso, when it comes to get the attention of the users of FaceBook even little things can be important to test the performance of the summary on the target audience. Paul Fairbrother wrote that to see the effect of overlooked details in getting the attention his team had spent $1000 and the result was two times up by changing the CPA of the summary. It concluded that one can always win with most engaging graphics or photos.

Vertical video is better than square video

While speaking on search Animoto joined with Buffer to know which types of video can work the best, square video or vertical video. The research if Brian Peters had revealed that on FaceBook the performance of vertical video was the best because it was friendlier to mobile devices.

Keep your business pages on Facebook moving

In fact, instead of using a static image you can use a cover video on your business page on FaceBook for:

  • Showing your latest offers
  • Call to action
  • Authentic introduction of your brand and people related to it
  • Promoting a future event or sale

It is easy to upload YouTube videos of the right size in a few steps that can work effectively on your FaceBook page.

Content should be captioned

Ian Cleary of RazorSocial has noticed that it is easier to include the audience in a content marketing campaign when you create content with captions. Even the deaf audience can access your content with the help of a precise caption.

Make things interesting by mixing video content

Different types of videos including YouTube videos, live videos, live streaming videos and tutorial videos, etc. can be created for FaceBook to deliver the message of your brand. It has been proved through various studies that different types of videos of different lengths can be interesting for the audience watching videos. For this purpose, you can record replays of live videos or create a video short in length according to the type of content.

Maximize the impact of your video by promoting and distributing it

Several strategies have been designed by social media for creating an audience for your live streaming videos through the YouTube channel. If you have a series of videos then you can promote it in several episodes like a TV show.

Check your progress

Your marketing campaign cannot be said complete unless you create a system to check the performance of your videos on FaceBook. It will help the social media examiner to make a list of goals your campaign has achieved.

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